The Location Pro journey began in 1993 at a well-known rent a car company. Our founder, John Crow, with a college degree and the farm boy work ethics of his youth, set out to climb the ladder of the corporate world. John had no plan, but he did have a job. It wasn’t much of a job, in fact, he wore a name badge and carried a radio.

The thing is, no matter what the job, he would do it with an eager spirit. He would endeavor to be better and faster than everyone else. He treated his boss like a customer and his customer like his boss. It worked! John’s career exploded and by the age of 30 he was running a multi-state territory. In just 6 years, he went from working in one location to managing 100.


John Crow

CEO, The Location Pro

His early success would yield unexpected opportunities. He ran organizations in a host of industries. He led mergers and acquisitions.  He bought and sold companies and even started brand new ones. The products and services were different but there was a common thread. Growing a company meant growing its real estate. Real estate wasn’t just a building it was the business. The space a company occupied defined its brand either through the lens of its customer or the lives of its employees.

John became an expert at finding locations and negotiating deals, but he was doing so through the eyes of customers and employees. He thought about where customers needed his product most, and how he could design a site to enhance visibility and access. He considered where the most talented workforce lived and what amenities would make them happy and productive as he knew they held the keys to success.

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In 2010, at the bottom of the Great Recession, when everyone else was getting out, John put his passion for growing business through its real estate into his full time pursuit. He bought a real estate company. He hired specialists, but only those with eager spirits who endeavored to be faster and better than everyone else. He trained them to treat their boss like a customer and their customer like a boss. He trained them to see that real estate isn’t just a building it’s the business. That it must be viewed through the lens of the customer and the lives of the employees.

Today John’s team is comprised of proven experts in their independent areas of specialty. They utilize the most sophisticated data and analytic tools available anywhere. They deploy the most aggressive internet and direct sales marketing methods in the industry. They are the 4 time winner of the JD Power and Associates customer service award. They are: The Location Pro.


Our Team

John Crow


Rodica Bartels


Kathy Hutto

Financial Analyst

Chad Coulter Sr.

Office Specialist

Cara Arnott

Retail Specialist

Nicholas Sayki

Industrial Specialist

Juan Rivas

Church Specialist

Manuel Robles

Multi-Family & Hospitality


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