The Location Pro Accounting Service

The Location Pro not only handles the everyday issues of managing your property, but also provides reporting for all financial issues pertaining to your investment. Our expert team of property management experts is here to create a clear breakdown of all payments, tax information, and invoices to simplify the process for owners and tenants.

Accounting and Payment

Here is a breakdown of the accounting and financial services The Location Pro Northwest provides. Our first and primary focus is a detailed and accurate property management accounting. This streamlined process allows our expert property managers to make payments on the owner’s behalf to deal with mortgage payments, H.O.A. dues, and insurance payments. Our team maintains a detailed record of all expenses and receipts as part of our accounting services for necessary deductions.

Reporting and Taxes

As part of our detailed accounting we advise owners on relevant tax deductions related to their property and annual reporting for tax purposes providing a 1099 form. We maintain all historical records of your property including leases, warranties, and home inspections. Finally, our team provides a clear month-to-month cash-flow statement showing the breakdown of income and itemized expenses.

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Contact The Location Pro today with any questions or concerns. Our detailed accounting and financial reporting is just one of the many services we provide to simplify the process of property investment.