The Location Pro Payment Service

The Location Pro handles every aspect of the payment process from the collection of rent, payment to outside vendors and property taxes. Our goal is to simply the process of property investment and bridge the gap between the owner and the tenant. Whether you own a large portfolio or just one home, we manage every aspect of your rental property so you don’t have to. We are in the business of problem solving and working through unique situations in the Arizona real estate market.

Mortgage and Taxes

Our expert team of property managers handle every aspect of the payment process. These services include mortgage payments on your property and invoicing each payment for your records. The Location Pro also handles paying the property taxes on your investment as well as sales tax. Our MoneyMaker system brings a sense of ease allowing clear communication between our team and our investors.

Payments and Utilities

Owning and managing an investment property is a full time commitment. Our expert team not only handles the payment of property taxes and mortgage payments, but other day-to-day expenses. Our MoneyMaker program pays vendors for repairs and the our clients month-to-month utilities. Owning an investment property has never been easier.

Call Today!

Contact The Location Pro today with any questions or concerns. Our detailed payment service is just one of the many services we provide to simply the process of property investment.