The Location Pro Portfolio

The Location Pro is one the most recognized names in real estate. Our portfolio of property investors is proof of our success. Our brand is built on trust and we strive to improve our process everyday. Our goal is to simply the process of property investment and bridge the gap between the owner and the tenant. Whether you own a large portfolio or just one home, we manage every aspect of your rental property so you don’t have to. We are in the business of problem solving and working through unique situations in the Arizona real estate market.

20 Investors Who Say We’re the Best!

The Helvetica Group Dane Investments, LLC
TG Homes, LLC
CJB Investors, LLC
Twin Peaks Properties Inc.
Finkelman Revocable Trust
Rob Stewart Esq.
Marion Wong
Dr. Donald Doxey
David Meinen
Jeff Robinson
Stacie Harryman
Randy Paulsen
Julie Situ
Charlie Spurlock
Southgate Santa Ana LLC
Kathy Woodson
Xiu Zhen Situ Guan

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