The Location Pro understands the importance of protecting your property as well as communicating directly to your tenants. Whether you own a large portfolio or just one home, we manage every aspect of your rental property so you don’t have to. We are in the business of problem solving and working through unique situations in the Arizona real estate market.

Home Owners Association

New housing and development in Arizona create new opportunities for property investment and first time home ownership, but also the reality of delaying with homeowners associations. If you are a property investor who does not live in AZ or is not familiar with the rules and regulations of a communities HOA, it can be difficult to ensure that your property is meeting their standards.

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Primarily, a homeowners association is an organization of property owners that administers the rules and upholds the standards set of a subdivision, development or complex. Homeowner associations have other functions as in providing neighborhood amenities, such as parks, landscape maintenance, club houses and pools from dues that are paid by the homeowner. The Location Pro works directly with HOA’ s to keep your property up to code and to properly communicate the responsibility of the tenant to avoid penalties by an HOA.

City Code and Repair and Maintenance

The Location Pro also works directly with trusted vendors to evaluate repairs that are needed for your property. If this is an issue that effects the health and safety of the resident in the home, then by law we must address it immediately. Likewise, if the problem is going to create further damage to the structure, we will use our best judgment and act quickly. If condition exists that is in violation of the Arizona Landlord / Tenant Act, we must also correct the problem as quickly as possible.

The Location Pro Northwest Really are experts in working through the everyday issues of property management. We are here to answer any questions about our customized plan to protect every aspect of your property.