The Location Pro Tenant Service

The Location Pro is here to handle every aspect of the tenant process. Our expert team of property management experts has created a clear line of communication between our owners and tenants to provide top level customer service satisfaction.

Qualify and Negotiation

As part of our successful property management program we understand the the importance of qualifying tenants. Your property is an investment and finding the right tenant is more than just financial qualifications. Our expert team will find tenants that meet your personal qualifications and negotiate for you every step of the way.

Customer Service and Orientation

We are here to protect your rights as an owner. In managing your property we bridge the gap between the owner and the tenant that many other property management companies ignore. We believe that clear communication and great customer service will avoid good tenants from leaving. In our orientation process every tenant will understand their responsibilities and the details of your property. Our team is here to take your tenants calls in the middle of the night and when needed enforce your rights as an owner if they don’t pay.

Call Today!

Contact The Location Pro today with any questions or concerns. Our tenant qualifying process is unique to our property management philosophy.